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Kyuubi Lilith (Draft) by nigel5469 Kyuubi Lilith (Draft) :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 2 1 Laxtinct (Mystic Equestria Girls Version) by nigel5469 Laxtinct (Mystic Equestria Girls Version) :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 6 1
Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 4
Episode 4: Normal Life
In late nighttime, Bellwood Bank was under attacked and robbed. Most of security guards were wounded and knocked out while the area was badly burnt and damaged. The attackers were robbing and moving couple bags of money and golds while exiting the bank. They all put the bags on the large trunk that attached to advanced futuristic motorcycle without wheels.
This group are the female gangster. Most of them worn worn blackish jumpsuit with white skull symbols on their armored chests and different colorful lines, spiked armored black gauntlets, colorful shoulder pads with spikes, jet boosters-like and armored helmet. One of them has maroon spiky hair worn her armor that is much darker with red colors on lines, sharper spikes and shoulder pads. Her name is Rojo.
"Alright, team!" Rojo called her team, "We've got gold in our hands! And we need to get the heck out of here ASAP!"
Azul nodded firmly, "On it, boss!"
"We won't let Tenny
:iconnigel5469:nigel5469 3 1
My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 9
Author's Notes:
Applejack is my favorite MLP Character, and so she deserve better treatment for her story. 'Honest Apple' really needs some work out because Applejack knows when to be honest and not to be blunt as Sugarcoat, who plays key role of this story. Enjoy reading this new episode.
Episode 9: Sugar Blunt
Like everyday's daily morning basis; Applejack, Sugarcoat and Big McIntosh have arrived and set their apple cart at Ponyville Town. They're now selling the apples to their customers. It was quite busy for them to do their jobs.
Half of the day has passed, the Apple Family has sold most of their apples and apple-related foods to the customers. They also have make a good business and gained a lot of bits as well. Their business is success as usual. They all sighed in relief as they were all taking a break.
"It's been quite busy, doesn't it?" Applejack asked in relief. Big McIn
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Chaos Slayer by nigel5469 Chaos Slayer :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 13 6
Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 3
Episode 3: School Rook
Deep and distanced district from Bellwood City; the area was filled with messy garbage, vandalism and destructive ruins. A couple of criminals and thieves have arrived and met up with a familiar gang, who were with the advanced weaponized futuristic truck-like.
"Alright, boys! Welcome to our shop!" Corvo greeted happily and wildly. He turned and pushed some buttons on it. The truck has its side opened and revealed couple of various and advanced weapons. He smirked, "And as promise, dude! Here are your Christmas Presents! So, come and get them!"
Criminals and thieves cheered wildly and happily. They all charged in and grabbed some couple of weapons and grenades. They awed and chatted in amazement and happily about seeing and having the weapons as we theirs.
"Hold the applause, everyone! I've got something awesome!" Corvo said wildly and happily. He revealed a black-dark blue colored armored giant missile launcher-like, "Say h
:iconnigel5469:nigel5469 4 4
My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 8
Author's Notes:
Again to remind you all. This is not gonna connect to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Show (Canon), and this is still MLP Mystic Universe. And so, sorry to disappoint Big Mac-Sugar Belle Shipping Fans, this is not happening because I support Big Mac-Cheerilee Shipping. Plus, I'd think Party Flavor and Sugar Bell are perfect for each other. Don't you dare criticize or rant me for choosing old shipping over the latest. Time to have a 'Hard to Say Anything'.
Episode 8: Hard to Say Anything
At Ponyville Town; Mane Six, Dragon Strike Force and Freedom Frights were armed and readied with their weapons and blasters. They were assisted and helped by the Royal Guards, Mystic Army and Metal Ponies. All of them were aiming at their targets - Lelouch and Celtic.
"It's over now," Shadow Dragon said firmly, "This is where it ends, Chaos Herald!"
"Yeah. You won't
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Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 2
Episode 2: New Team Ben (II)
Entering the Undertown Street, Team Ben gave chase on Psyphon and his gang as they almost upon them. While the heroes were still chasing after the criminals, Ben couldn't help but looked around of his surroundings - a city filled with various aliens and mutants. He couldn't believe that such a city existed underneath his hometown.
"No way..." Ben said in shock and surprise, "A whole city down here? I can't believe it."
"You sound surprise, Ben-Dude," Rook asked in surprise.
"Of course, I am. How come I'd never know there's a secret city down here," Ben said in shock and surprise.
"Ben, it's supposed to be a secret," Tetrax explained firmly, "No one and not even the Humans knew about it, except the aliens and the Plumbers."
"Great..." Ben said in annoyance, "And I'm the only one, who didn't know the secret city."
"Well, you always don't listen to anyone or even your grandpa," Julie teased amusingly.
Ben groaned, "Not fu
:iconnigel5469:nigel5469 5 3
My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 7
Author's Note:
Before you read the whole story, this is another universe - My Little Pony Mystic Universe, not really part of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Canon) Series. So, there's some changes for both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo like I'm using Rainbow Blaze and Firefly as her parents while her fan is an orphan, rather than having a group of family, who never has time for her except the lesbian aunts.
And for the records, I don't hate the show's parents, just annoyed and irritated by their over-obsessed fans. There's nothing wrong for being supporting, but that was just overkill. Either way, enjoy for new adventure for Aqua and Rainbow to find and get the Elemental Element.
Episode 7: The Tiger's Keeper
Both Rainbow Blaze and Firefly told their Wonderbolt Story about how they rescued some lost scout fillies from the deep Everfree Forest especially dealing with some wild ani
:iconnigel5469:nigel5469 4 5
Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 1
Author's Notes:
I am back with new Season 2 for True Omniverse. And so get ready for new adventure and battles Ben 10 is facing now. Ben 10 is now getting his new team. And don't expect these episode I'm doing are gonna be accurate as the original because they're not.
Episode 1: New Team Ben (I)
March 2012, Abandoned Carnival Park, Rural Area of Bellwood,
A group of three familiar creatures were driving the armored bank truck. They have arrived at the abandoned carnival. They emerged and climbed down from it. They even carried a couple of metallic crates. They were helped and assisted by couple of clown masked thugs.
The thugs have carried and moved the canisters into a big carnival tent, where a familiar evil clown with top hat was still waiting patiently and humming darkly in 'I loved being a Clown'.
"Hey, boss! We're back!" Thumbskull called out.
Frightwig nodded in agreem
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My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 6
Author's Notes:
This episode is set during My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 7 Episode 6: Forever Filly, and since it's just about Rarity and Sweetie Belle trying to hang out and bonding together as sisters, and I have no idea how to adapt it with Mystic Ponies and which villains to use. So, I decide to create new episode during that event.
Episode 6: A Family Matters
At the Castle of Friendship's Library; Twilight was looking through some Equestrian and Mystic books, scriptures and ancient tablets. She wasn't alone. Shadow Dragon, Tao, Dragon Kick and Mighty Heart were there to assist her. They were studying and researching on the Destiny Tablet, which was the only item that helped them to search and get the rest of Elemental Elements. And so far, they have Fire and Earth with them, and only six more to find.
Twilight looked closely at the Destiny Tablet while giving some t
:iconnigel5469:nigel5469 5 15
Zordon Power Legacy #13
Like Operation Overdrive, Megaforce and its sequel are the biggest disappointment especially the Legendary War. I didn't want to bother about it again. 
Zordon's Power Legacy #13: Dino Charge Energize!
"I wasn't the first being to arrive on Planet Earth, nor am I the first to discover a power gem that helped me build the Dino Morphers for the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Earth.
There was once a friend of mine came to the Earth 65 million years ago, and he was the responsible of saving my life by creating the energy tube for me sustain my pure good of energy and power. And also, it was him, who has discovered a powerful energy that helped me to build the first Power Rangers' Morphers and even making some plans for the future against the forces of evil. And thus, he's also the founder of Power Rangers Forces.
However, we departed and went separate ways to fi
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Numb Divide Squad (Line Drawing) by nigel5469 Numb Divide Squad (Line Drawing) :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 6 9
My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 5
Episode 5: Animals' Sanctuary
"Oh dear! This isn't good!"
Fluttershy was running in a hurry while having Angel on her wagon. Terrorcreep and Naughty the Bat were following her from behind. They all were heading straight to Dr Fauna's Vet due to Angel got himself an injured foot during his practice for Ponyville Parkour Contest, and Fluttershy doesn't have bunny foot braces to treat his wounds.
"Honestly, Fluttershy..." Terrorcreep grumbled in anger, "Why can't you be firm and assertive with your bunny pet of yours?!" Angel gave the glare at Terrorcreep while Naught snickered amusingly. He groaned in anger before glared at them, which scared them a bit. He spoke, "Cut that out."
Fluttershy sighed, "Terrorcreep, I told you before about being assertive. The last time I used it, it sort of-!"
"Go overboard and out of control?" Terrorcreep asked. Fluttershy looked down in shame. He sighed, "Come on. That was 5 years ago. You already know how to control
:iconnigel5469:nigel5469 5 22
Zordon Power Legacy #12
Zordon's Power Legacy #12: Samurai Forever
What is the true meaning behind 'Samurai'? Is it about the warriors, who challenged and fight their opponents? Is it about the warriors, who embraced their courage and wisdom to overcome the odds? Is it about the warriors, who served their masters and nobles only? Is it about the warriors, who upheld their code of Bushido? Is it about the warriors, who fight till the end or death?
The true meaning behind 'Samurai' means to serve and protect faithfully. And yes, whether it's nobles or peasants, it is the samurais' duty to serve and protect them from harm and danger. And it was not just courage and wisdom that make them a samurai, but compassion and honor.
And sometimes, samurai can be known as heroes for doing the right deed. This same goes to the Power Rangers. They served and protect the world; with their courage, wisdom, compassion, honor and hope. They served the best example of being
:iconnigel5469:nigel5469 2 1
Seapony Royal Sisters by nigel5469 Seapony Royal Sisters :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 10 8


It's Your Turn to Shine! by EmeraldBlast63 It's Your Turn to Shine! :iconemeraldblast63:EmeraldBlast63 250 22 'Don't you dare... by sehroyal 'Don't you dare... :iconsehroyal:sehroyal 88 11 Tamers Older by Deko-kun Tamers Older :icondeko-kun:Deko-kun 88 11 Rika, the Coolest Digi-girl 2 by gar2d2 Rika, the Coolest Digi-girl 2 :icongar2d2:gar2d2 191 31 What If Spike Showers with Ember by cartoonfan22 What If Spike Showers with Ember :iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 6 3 EG Movie Poster 3: Secret Agents by BozzerKazooers EG Movie Poster 3: Secret Agents :iconbozzerkazooers:BozzerKazooers 104 16 Dragon's Love by FallenInTheDark Dragon's Love :iconfalleninthedark:FallenInTheDark 822 57 Chad Spike - Dragon Lord by ApplesToThe
Mature content
Chad Spike - Dragon Lord :iconapplestothe:ApplesToThe 103 5
Let It Snow by foxesgoquack Let It Snow :iconfoxesgoquack:foxesgoquack 117 10 AppleSparkle? by shadowpiratemonkey7 AppleSparkle? :iconshadowpiratemonkey7:shadowpiratemonkey7 68 4 Rarity in swimsuit(without towel) by 13mcjunkinm Rarity in swimsuit(without towel) :icon13mcjunkinm:13mcjunkinm 3 2
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 3 Episode 10
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
王立問題 (A Royal Problem)
Starlight and Sunset have arrived at Canterlot's Throne Chamber, where they both facing Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and even Azure Phoenix and Strikespell.
Princess Celestia: So the map sent you both to solve a friendship problem?
Starlight: Yes, princess.
Sunset: So, do anypony have the problem?
Princess Celestia: Well, there's nothing wrong here. Right, sister and dear husband?
Princess Celestia gave a stern glare at both Azure Phoenix and Princess Luna.
Princess Luna [sourly]: No. Everything's perfect as usual, sister.
Azure Phoenix: Indeed. No problem at all...
Sunset: You noticed that?
Starlight: Yeah, I did.
Starlight and Sunset were discussing inside their bedroom after they have gathered some information about the friendship problem they have found. And now they're tryi
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 4 1
Happy Birthday by Stingergirl Happy Birthday :iconstingergirl:Stingergirl 2 0 The Brightest Apple by Mn27 The Brightest Apple :iconmn27:Mn27 833 127 MLP: Apple of Twilight by Mn27 MLP: Apple of Twilight :iconmn27:Mn27 852 111 magic is only one side-effect by plasters-ponies magic is only one side-effect :iconplasters-ponies:plasters-ponies 129 9


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Kyuubi Lilith (Draft)
This is just work-in-progress and draft for Kyuubi Lilith - The Chaos Herald of Lust because I'm still trying to find the right outfit that represents dark, evil, sexy and lustful villainess especially when she's lustful for Shadow Dragon and holding a grudge against Twilight. She is based on mythological Chinese/Japanese Fox Spirit from anime, manga, cartoon, movie and even myth. I'm not gonna color it because I might change the outfit or appearance to make her more evil lustful and dark villainess. So, I required your criticism and comments about it, or suggestion that has the essence of evil to her and her outfit.

And if you were hoping for information about her and her reasons of strange obsession on two characters, I'm not gonna spoil it. But I will tell you this - she's a villainess that Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force have to watch out and not to underestimate. She's worse as Lelouch Skaar, her brothers and sisters from Chaos Heralds.
Laxtinct (Mystic Equestria Girls Version)
OverviewLike his pony counterpart, he's not bravest and smartest but the strongest and toughest member of the team. He still has a golden heart for his friends and even some bad guys turned to good especially if it's Sonata Dusk. He often do some silly and comic relief jokes to himself and others. This annoyed them a lot.

Details: Finding and designing a right clothes for Laxtinct wasn't very easy especially the colors since he's the muscle of the team. Well, I did managed to find some reference that involved fashions fit for some muscle guys especially the blue jean. And thanks to Hunk from Voltron: Legendary Defenders, I have found the right color for him.

And of course, this took a long time to work on this project due to many graphic design works, learning and performing art works and even personal projects to deal with.

Voice Actor: PJ Bryce

Personality: A strong and tough warrior can be sometimes clueless, gullible and dummy when it comes to secrecy, doing an important mission or even dealing with his superiors, which often got him into a trouble. However, he is very gentle, caring and kindhearted pony to his friends and family especially children. He also has a strong loyalty to his comrades so much, and unwilling to let them down, despite being doubtful and concern of his skills and abilities.

Gender: Male
- Age: 17 years old
Species: Chinese Human (Mutant)
Elements: Earth
Affiliation:Imperial Phoenix Kingdom (Private), Dragon Strike Force (Seventh Founder and Muscle)
Occupation:  The Phoenix's Fist, Earth Warrior, Warrior of Dragon Strike Force, Student,
Alias: Knucklehead

History: In his early age; he, Blazefist and Indigo Zap were orphans. They all struggled through their harsh lives as they have stolen food, money and clothes for themselves until one day, they came across Bladestrike, who saw some potential in them. He adopted them as his children. He attended to Crystal Prep Academy. But eventually, he and his older brother left the Crystal Prep and joined the Canterlot High School as the student and janitor junior.

But like Shadow Dragon, he was captured by Dark Terrorists and experimented into a Fire Mutant. And at the same time, he and his newly friends founded the team - Dragon Strike Force to fight the Dark Terrorists and protect his home.

'When things get rough, I'll get tough' - Laxtinct quoted it when the situation became dire and dangerous. 
'No friends of mine gets hurt' 
- Laxtinct exclaimed when he found his friends in danger or captured by his enemies
'That is so cool' - Laxtinct only quoted it if he found something surprise and awesome to him. 
'Bad, Very BAD' - Laxtinct only use if when he's in trouble.
'I hate CAMP!' - Laxtinct quoted it when he's at the camp

Element of Earth
: Chosen by the ancient relic from the past, he can use its power as both defense and offense against his enemies. Working together with Element of Wood and Element of Metal, they bring a powerful and brutal reckoning on their enemies due to a powerful immersive 

a) Rock Armor: Allowed him to form a strong rock-like armor on him in ready to battle against his enemies.
b) Earth Fist: Firing the storm of leaves-like ninja stars in attacking his enemies
c) Stone Gatling: Using smaller stones-like, he fired them at his enemies like a Gatling Gun,
d) Fortress Wall: Summoning a powerful wall-like from the ground as his defense.
e) Avalanche: Unleashing a powerful wave of mud and stones in charging and bringing his enemies down with one swift.
f) Lava Strike: His sub-attack and emergency power only when he face the dangerous situation. He used them
g) Rockslide: Unleashing and launching powerful yet multiple rock slides in throwing and knocking his enemies out.
h) United Friendship Rainbow Power: When combining with all of Elements of Harmony, the Element of Fire can perform its powerful attacks against, purified and restore the enemies, or replenish the energies and strengths of ponies. It followed what the user's desire as well as perform its Dark specific attacks. It recreate or destroy the world. It follow what the user's desire: Destruction or Creation.

Super Strength: As the strongest member of the team, Laxtinct have super strength in punching, kicking and even lifting and carrying heavy stuffs. But combined with his Element of Earth power, he will become ten times stronger than before.

Sixth Sense: Like Pinkie Pie, very powerful and effective sense that allowed him to sense danger and troubles ahead.

Randomness: Like Pinkie Pie, Laxtinct has strange habit of breaking fourth wall, which none of the ponies understand or realized his doing. However, they trusted him and his guts in aware of the situation and problems.

Mystic Evolution Forms
: It allowed him enter his super forms while increasing his strength, magic, abilities, skills and even Element of Earth. 
a) Super Mystic Form/Rainbow Power is his first form with Rainbow Mane (light brown and dark green) with increased and enhanced her power into super.

Black Turtle: With the Element of Earth, he can transformed into the form of humanoid Turtle-like warrior with snake as its head. This not only has given him powerful super strength and seismic ability, he easily make himself with rocks and stones as his armor.

a) Rock Hammer: Laxtinct's primary weapon, which was made of powerful Mystic Hammer-like that allowed him in knocking his enemies down.

b) Sledge Hammer
: An upgrade and advanced weapon of Rock Hammer. This is combined with the increased power of Earth Mystic Stone. This allowed him to summon mountains up as its defense and offense against his enemies.

c) Earthstone Hammer: Owned and used by Mystic Guardian of Earth, an ancient weapon that can unleashed a powerful and stronger power of Earth to use the land and ground as his fortress with various heavy artillery in against his enemies.

A) Family:

1) Bladestrike (Adopted Father)
2) Blazefist (Older Brother)
3) Aquastroke (Sister-in-Law)
4) Indigo Zap (Adopted Sister)
5) Pinkie Pie (Honorable Friend)
6) Pabu (Pet)

B) Love Interest:
1) Sonata Dusk (Girlfriend)

C) Friends:
1) Imperial Phoenix Force (His Allegiance)
2) Shadow Dragon (Scout, Best Friend)
3) Shorty 'Wally' Thinking (Second-in-Command, Best Friend)
4) Saber Dragoon (Detective, Best Friend)
5) Terrorcreep (Tactician, Best Friend)
6) Laxtinct (Muscle, Best Friend)
7) Tailtech (Mechanic, Best Friend)
8) Icy (Peacekeeper, Best Friend)
9) Burnblast
10) Lightningblade 
11) Wild Maniac
12) Asami
13) ZeekCrimson
14) Ciel
15) Jason Strike/Mystic Shadow Knight
16) Flash Sentry 
17) Shining Armor
18) Applejack
19) Rarity
20) Twilight Sparkle
21) Rainbow Dash
22) Fluttershy
23) Apple Bloom
24) Sweetie Belle
25) Scootaloo

D) Antagonists:
1) Dark Curse (Arch-Nemesis)
2) Maul/Swipestrike (Arch-Rival/Arch Nemesis)
3) Akurmashi Force
4) HYADES Force
5) Black Assassins
6) Necromancers
7) Mechanical Enforcement Force
8) Fearsome Five
9) Dark Mystic Force

Episode 4: Normal Life

In late nighttime, Bellwood Bank was under attacked and robbed. Most of security guards were wounded and knocked out while the area was badly burnt and damaged. The attackers were robbing and moving couple bags of money and golds while exiting the bank. They all put the bags on the large trunk that attached to advanced futuristic motorcycle without wheels.

This group are the female gangster. Most of them worn worn blackish jumpsuit with white skull symbols on their armored chests and different colorful lines, spiked armored black gauntlets, colorful shoulder pads with spikes, jet boosters-like and armored helmet. One of them has maroon spiky hair worn her armor that is much darker with red colors on lines, sharper spikes and shoulder pads. Her name is Rojo.

"Alright, team!" Rojo called her team, "We've got gold in our hands! And we need to get the heck out of here ASAP!"

Azul nodded firmly, "On it, boss!"

"We won't let Tennyson get to us again!" Amarillo said proudly, "We'll show them that he can't beat us because we're girls."

"What about me?!" Armorstrike's voice asked confidently.

Amarillo turned to back and found Armorstrike charged and slammed the punch right at her. She turned and found three thugs came and attacked her at once. She luckily dodged down before jumped and gave a swipe kick at them. Two more have fired their blasters at her from the back. She quickly armed and fired the blaster at them both. More of them have came and attacked as Armorstrike fiercely engaged and fought them off one-by-one while dodging and blocking the attacks.

As Armorstrike was distracted by fighting her enemies, Azul armed and readied her metallic fists while slowly approaching to her enemy. Closing to her target, Azul punched at Armorstrike thrice before grabbed and slammed to the back hard. She then slammed her kick at the Mechamorph Heroine's face. Amarillo launched multiple quick punches and kicks at her face for few times before fired her blasters at her off. She was thrown to the front, where Rojo thrust her EMP Powered Punch at the chest. It shocked and electrocuted her for the moment.

As Armorstrike groaned and moaned painfully as she was being paralyzed, Rojo kicked her off to the ground hard. Rojo stomped her foot on Armorstrike to the ground while aimed her armed blaster at her face.

"Damn it..." Armorstrike cursed in anger.

"Nice try, kid. Trying to take us on was pretty stupid," Rojo asked amusingly while looking carefully at Armorstrike, "You must be a new mate in Team Ben? I'm not impressed, kid."

"I wasn't trying to impress you. I was trying to get the job done!"

"Ooh... Trying to impress Ben 10? Coz he'd be disappointed."

"Nope. I have to end the fight, so I can go home and get some sleep," Armorstrike said firmly, "I've got tennis practice tomorrow morning."

Amarillo giggled amusingly, "Aw. That's cute."

"Well, too bad that you're gonna miss it," Azul said amusingly, "Coz you're gonna have some broken legs and hands."

Rojo smirked, "They've got the point, greenie. Game over."

Armorstrike smiled confidently, "For you..."

And just before Rojo and her gang could react, some of them got shot and blasted off. They looked around of their surroundings. They looked up and found Jetray, who worn the black jumpsuit with white torso armor on stomach and dark greenish line on middle, was flying and firing his greenish lasers straight at them. He was joined by Tetrax and Rook, who jumped off from the ship as they dived and landed straight to the ground. They then engaged and fought against Rojo's gang.

As Rojo's Gang got distracted by Team Ben's attack, Armorstrike grunted as she quickly pushed Rojo off. She got up and engaged with the female gangster leader, who dodged quickly and strike back at her for few times.

Jetray continued flying and dodging the blasts from his enemies, he also fired his greenish eye lasers at their weapons off. He then rammed and knocked them off one-by-one. Rook fired his Proto-Tool Blaster at them while using his gauntlets' blades and Revonnah Kai to engage and defeat them. Tetrax used his crystallized shield-like to block and deflect laser beams while punching and kicking them off.

Azul and Amarillo jumped and attacked both Tetrax and Rook, who fought back at them. Tetrax and Azul used their fists and kicks at each other fiercely while not dodging and blocking the attacks for few rounds. Rook and Amarillo used their speed and martial art skills to fight and fend off the attacks for few times. While Azul and Amarillo were strong and determined, they were still no match for the aliens. Both girls tried to slam their punches at the aliens, who dodged down before grabbed and thrown them straight to the walls hard.

Armorstrike and Rojo continued their fierce fighting for few rounds. Armorstrike has tried to land a punch and kick on Rojo, who managed to block and dodge the attack at ease. As the armored heroine launched the punch, she got grabbed and slammed to the ground by the gangster leader. Armorstrike was grabbed and held up high by Rojo, who aimed her right hand laser blaster at her.

"Any last word?" Rojo asked amusingly.

Armorstrike smirked, "Yeah. Sick her, boy!"

Armorstrike's armor mutated and formed Ship as he jumped out and attacked Rojo, who grunted and struggled in anger to get him off of her. As she was struggling, Ship formed and covered its goo on her body as it caused some serious electrocuting shock on her. After shocking out on her, Ship emerged and returned to Julie, who grabbed and held her up.

Rojo groaned in pain as she slowly got up. She found her armor has been deactivated and destroyed. She groaned in anger. She charged and was about to attack Julie and Ship. Luckily, Jetray came and rammed her straight to the motorcycle, making her unconsciousness.

"Don't mess with my girlfriend," Jetray snarled as he slowly descended to the ground. He transformed back to Ben. He turned and approached to Julie. He asked, "You okay? Are you hurt? Did Rojo hit you bad?"

Julie giggled a bit, "Ben, I'm fine. Everything's alright now. You don't have to worry about me now." Ben laughed a bit while rubbing his head's back a bit. She yawned a bit, "Since we're done here, I'd better get home and sleep now. I've got tennis practice tomorrow. Think you can clean this up?"

Ben was annoyed a bit but smiled, "Sure. Go ahead."

"We've got this covered," Tetrax said firmly, "Get some rest, Julie."

Julie nodded happily as she whistled to Ship. The Mechamorph Pup jumped and formed her into Armorstrike. She then ran off at once while climbing and jumping from one building to another. Team Ben watched her go home.

"This is fifth time for her to leave and return home early. Why?" Rook asked in confusion.

"She got tennis practice tomorrow," Ben answered, "And she hates being late for practice or match."

Rook hummed and nodded, "Hmm... Now I remember. She was the champion for tennis match, wasn't she?"

Ben nodded, "Eeyup. That's her, alright. She loved tennis a lot."

"That's true. But she's right about one thing," Tetrax said calmly before yawned a bit, "We need some goodnight sleep. So, let's wrap this up now."

Ben and Rook nodded, "Right..."

As the Plumbers Armored Trucks have arrived, Team Ben helped the Plumbers to get Rojo and her gang into trucks. After loading the prisoners up, the Plumbers drove their trucks and tanks as they headed back to the headquarter now. Team Ben returned home for rest and sleep.

Unknown to any of them, someone was watching the event from the rooftop of building. She was a metallic humanoid with tentacles as her bottom torso while wearing strange metallic armor with curved shoulder pads-like and crown-like on head. She smirked darkly and evilly as she magically and electrically teleported off to somewhere else. Who was she?


Plumbers' Tanks were driving across through the Bellwood Town's street while guarding and escorting the prisoner trucks to Plumber Headquarter Base. Rojo and her gang were annoyed and disappointed as they all got defeated and caught by Team Ben. They really hated losing especially not getting the money, jewel or even getting revenge on Team Ben.

As the Plumbers continued driving their transports, they then encountered two strange vehicles are charging right at them. One of them was grayish Lamborghini Gallardo Car and the dark purplish Snow Truck-like. They both drove very fast while charging at them. The snow truck rammed and knocked most of the Plumbers' tanks hard while the grayish car activated and fired his blasters in destroying them.

After blowing and destroying most of the Plumbers' transports, both mysterious transports turned to the prisoner truck. And just before it could do anything, the snow truck rammed the prisoner truck straight to the walls. The grayish car headed to the back, where it launched and pulled the grappling hooks that attached to prisoner truck's back doors. It opened at once.

Rojo and her gang were surprised and shocked as they slowly emerged and climbed down from the prisoner truck. They turned and looked at two transports.

"Hey, thanks for the assist," Rojo thanked in relief before showing serious and suspicious face, "So, who are you? What's the catch?"

"A simple debt to repay. Nothing more... Nothing less..." The female's voice spoke as the same mechanical woman with tentacles magically appeared before Rojo and her gang. She smiled, "I am hiring you for a simple yet crucial errand to retrieve."

Rojo scoffed, "I ain't no errand girl to anyone especially alien freak like you. And trust me, the last time I work with losers like Vilgax and Driscoll, it didn't turn out well for me."

The mechanical being smirked darkly, "Succeed your mission. And you'd be rewarded, with your greatest desire."

"And if we don't? Coz I ain't stupid, lady!" Rojo asked suspiciously.

The mechanical being snapped her fingers, causing both snow truck and grayish car activated and armed with their blasters that targeting at Rojo and her gang. They became nervous and worried about it.

Rojo gulped, "Okay. So, what do you want me to do? Get the Omnitrix for you or something?"

"No... An item that was stolen from me for a long time," The mechanical being explained firmly as she has her right hand revealed the holographic map of United States of America. The crimson arrow appeared and glowed at Chicago. She continued as the holographic map turned into a metallic seed with dark crimson light, "I want you to retrieve this seed from them, no matter the cost."

"Okay. Got the location. So, what's so special about the seed?"

"That's none of your concern. Can you succeed this mission or not?"

"Of course, I can, lady. But once I get my mission complete, I expect some good reward for me and my gang! We don't come in cheap."

"You have my word, my dear. All of you will be rewarded, as soon as I get my item. But I will upgrade your weapons for this mission."

"Will be done, lady. But who the hell are you?"

"I am... Quintessa... That is all you need to know, human..."


On the next day, Julie was at the tennis court. She has worn her tennis attire for the practice. She is now playing and practicing her tennis at tennis court, with the help of tennis ball machine.

Julie was accompanied by Ben, Rook and Ship. Three of them were watching her playing the game seriously and determinedly for almost two hours and a half. Ben and Ship were proud and happy to see her playing the game while Rook was amazed and impressed by her skills.

"Amazing... She was truly skilled and excellent at playing tennis," Rook commented in surprise, "It's like she was swinging her katana against the hails of arrows. She has shown no fear of danger or the odds against her, like the mountain stand firm against the howling wind."

"Wait. What?" Ben asked in surprise before looked at him. He smirked, "Did you read fortune cookie or something about Julie?"

"I'm afraid I don't understand about the fortune cookie has to do with Julie and her practice?"

"Uh. No. What I meant is about you commenting to Julie and her playing the tennis, so I asked where did you get the idea from?"

"Ah. I see. I mostly got it from reading the poem and haiku. You have to admit it. Japanese Haiku are quite intriguing..."

"Ah... I didn't know you were a nerd over the poem and haiku."

As the tennis ball machine launched its five last balls at once, they all headed straight at Julie. The balls were too fast for anyone to see. But not for Julie, she armed and readied to strike her tennis racket at her targets. As the balls were about to hit her, she swiftly swung her racket at them one-by-one straight back at the court's cage before hitting the last one back at the machine.

Ben and his team were shocked and surprised to see what Julie did. They all clapped their hands for her training. Julie sighed in relief as she decided to take the break. She approached to her bench, which was closed to her friends. She took the towel for wiping her sweats off before taking a sip from the bottle of water.

Entering the court, Team Ben approached her. Ship jumped on Julie's arms as he gave a gentle nuzzle on her face, making her to giggle and patted him happily and gently.

"Excellent work, Ms. Julie. That was impressive," Rook commented, "You're truly amazing at this game. Like a samurai, you have fear nothing and fought against the odds and danger on the battlefield. Wind guides and led you through the horizon."

Julie giggled a bit, "Thanks, Rook and Ben. That was very sweet of you." Ben blushed and chuckled a bit while rubbed his back head. Ship smiled happily and purred a bit. She turned to Rook, "Was that a haiku?"

Surprised by Julie's question, Rook cleared his throat, "Yes. That is a haiku."

"I didn't know you're good at it."

"I did graduated from my school especially reading poem, storybooks, novels and even literature books. They're kinda my hobby."

"Speaking of hobby," Ben said calmly before turned to Julie, "Hope your dad wasn't mad at me for taking you for the mission."

Julie sighed in concern, "Well, he was kinda a bit of mad."

"I knew it. He's gonna kill me for this. I am so screwed!"

"Oh! Don't worry about it. I've already calm and explain to my dad about my decision. He was a bit of mad and worried about it, but he understand."

"I hope so, Julie. I just hope that our mission won't drag you down from tennis."

"It won't. We just need to do our best to beat the bad guys and save the day. And then, we get back and have some free time for fun and relax. Easy peasy."

"I wouldn't be overconfident yet, Miss Julie," Rook said in concern, "There are some enemies we cannot underestimate. Some can be brutal and dangerous like Rojo, Sixsix, Hex and Charmcaster. Others can be cunning and manipulative like Darkstar, Dr. Animo and Albedo. A few can be ruthless and cruel like Vilgax, Aggregor and Forever Knights."

Ben nodded in agreement, "Yeah, Julie. Rook's right. Saving the day is very serious, not a game. If you still want to back out-?"

Julie interrupted, "Ben, we've been through this. I've made my decision that I wanna help you and this team out. Gwen and Kevin are not with us now. Your grandfather is now Magister and too old to lead the mission by himself. You need all the help you can get." Ship barked wildly. She nodded, "Even Ship agrees with me."

"She and Ship have the point again, Ben," Rook added, "You can't do it be yourself."

"I know. I know. I just want to be sure that Julie's alright with her decision to be a hero and sticking with us especially putting her tennis and normal life aside," Ben said in concern and firmly, recalled some events that almost endangered and almost killed her. He didn't want that happened again. He sighed, "I also just want her to be safe."

Julie sighed before approached and gave Ben a deep passionate kiss for the moment. Her boyfriend returned it to her. Ship awed happily to see them kissing. Rook's face turned in red as he looked away for giving them some privacy. After their kissing, they departed and looked at each other.

"Ben, I'll be fine. I promised," Julie said calmly before smirked, "Plus, when we're alone, we're gonna have some fun."

Ben blushed a bit before smirked, "Yeah. Can't wait for it. So, wanna do some training? Armorstrike could have more tricks up in her sleeves, like jet booster, invisibility or super strength."

Julie giggled a bit, "Only one way to find out is do some tryouts."

"Oh, I almost forgot about it!" Rook said in realization. He took a poster and passed it to Julie, "I heard that there is some tryout for international tennis tournament. And Bellwood High required the best and effective four to six players to join it."

Julie read the poster carefully before gasped, "Oh my gosh! You mean it's already announced?! If I could win this, then I might have the chance to join the Olympic Games!"

"Then, what are you waiting for? Let's check it out!" Ben exclaimed happily.

Julie, Rook and Ship looked surprise. Rook asked, "Then, what about the training with Julie? Shouldn't we deal with this matter first?"

Ben scoffed and waved his hand off, "Training with Armorstrike Mode can wait." He turned and looked at Julie, "I wanna see you get in the tournament. You deserve the break."

"You're truly strange, Ben..." Rook commented, making Ben annoyed and irritated to glare at him. He sighed, "But nevertheless, I too wish you enter the tournament. It is your dream to become a tennis champion."

Julie smiled and sighed in relief, "Thanks, guys. Come on! Let's check it out!"

Team Ben packed their stuffs up as they all headed straight to another tennis court for signing up and doing a tryout to join the tournament. Everything seemed to be fine now...


At one of Chicago's rich and tallest building basement park; Max and the group of Plumbers including Manny, Helen, Alan and even Lucy, were meeting up with Lieutenant Steel and his SECT Army. They were all loading up weapons and arsenals to their hummer and Plumber Tanks. Two of SECT Agents were moving and loading up a large container to the SECT's Convoy Truck's back, where they sealed and locked it tight.

SECT Agent turned and gave the thumbs up to Lieutenant Steel, who nodded firmly and relief. He turned and faced to Tetrax.

"The package is loaded up! We're ready to go," Lieutenant Steel said firmly and seriously before crossed his arms, "Hope you and your team up for this task, Magister Tennyson."

Max nodded, "Count on it, Lieutenant Steel. We'll deliver the package to the location, in no time."

"That's good to hear," Lieutenant Steel said in relief. Looking at Max, it makes him laughed a bit. It confused the old man a bit. He sighed, "Sorry. Didn't mean to laugh at you. I just remember how I met Ben 10. Ironically, I was supposed hunting your grandson down for crimes he did at San Francisco. And now, I'm working with his grandfather to accomplish my mission."

"Yeah, it is ironic. If you're worried about us backstabbing at you, then don't," Max reassured firmly and calmly, "We Plumbers have one job, and that is to protect the universe and fight off the invasions from attacking our home."

Lieutenant Steel sighed before remarked sarcastically, "Well, that put my mind at ease... Let's move it, then..."

Lieutenant Steel signaled and gestured his SECT Agents to move and get into SECT Hummers at once while loaded and armed with their weapons. Max did the same thing to his Plumbers Team as well.  Max entered his Rustbucket, where the rest of team were inside.

"So, what's our mission again?" Alan asked

Manny nodded in agreement, "Yeah, what's so important about the 'package'?"

Max sighed as he take the driver's seat, "Not much, actually." The team was annoyed and disappointed. He crossed his arms firmly, "But I do know that SECT needs us to help and escort them at the rendezvous point. They're gonna deliver the cargo to the NEST Strike Team."

"As in bird's nest?" Lucy asked curiously.

Max shook his head, "No, Lucy. NEST is an acronym for 'National Extraordinary Specialist and Tactical' Strike Team."

"And they are?" Helen asked curiously.

"Some kind of military or something?" Alan asked.

"Yeah. It's another military black ops handled some special and dangerous classified mission and tasks like taking care of bombs, war criminals, fugitives and more." Max explained before hummed in concern yet suspiciously, "And I heard rumors that they deal with some 'aliens' as well."

"Really?" Lucy asked curiously yet excitedly.

"You've gotta be kidding me," Manny remarked dryly.

Max sighed, "Not quite sure. But right now, we have our mission to do. We escort SECT and deliver their package to them at the rendezvous point. And also, keep your eyes sharp for anything and anyone. We don't want them attack and rob our cargo. Do you get me?"

"We get you, sir!" Manny, Helen, Lucy and Alan exclaimed firmly.

"Alright. Let's move out. Time is wasting." Tetrax said firmly and calmly.

Max started his RV's engine as he drove out first. Five to six tanks engaged their engines while following Max's. The SECT joined the group from behind while covering and protecting the convoy. While they were driving, they have been watched...

Rojo and her gang were on top of the building, accompanied by Quintessa, who has her blue glowing eyes on the convoy. She pointed her finger out.

"There. That is the cargo you must stop and retrieve my item," Quintessa said calmly.

"Got it," Rojo nodded as she put the helmet on her head, "We'll get your package, in no time."


Team Ben arrived at another tennis court, where the registration for the tryout has been held. Julie headed off and make the register for it.

While standing and waiting for Julie at the spectator seats entrance, Ben and Rook was surprised and shocked as they have found a few of tennis players were also registering and joining for the tournament as well. Some spectators have come to watch and support the players to pass the tryouts and enter the team.

"I'm surprised that there so many people come and join for the tryouts," Rook said in amazement and surprise.

Ben scoffed, "Well, some liked sports and wanna compete and prove that they're the best at it, especially they hate losing."

"I see. That make sense. And Julie is one of them."

"You've got that right. You're learning quick too, Rook."

"Yes. But if I'm not mistaken. You used to play soccer, weren't you?"

"Yeah, I still am. I'm the best goalkeeper that my school has. I'm pretty good at catching and kicking the ball away from my goal, thanks to Cousin Kenny."

"Impressive, but also curious." Rook remarked, "Why did you not join the tournament? It's what you're good at."

Ben sighed, "As much as I loved soccer, becoming hero is what I'm good at. And no way I'm gonna retired or quit on it."

Rook sighed, "True. That is you..."

Julie has arrived and approached to her team, "Alright, I'm in." She took a deep breathe before released it, "I'm kinda nervous and worried now."

Ben smirked before patted Julie's right shoulder, "Relax, Jul, you've got this. I mean you've won your match from last year, so this one is no biggie."

Julie was uncertain before smiled a bit, "Yeah. I guess so. Thanks for the pep talk."

Ben smiled, "That's what boyfriends do - comfort and cheer their girlfriends."

"Yeah. That is true. Here, look after Ship," Julie said confidently as she passed Ship to Ben. She turned and headed off for the tryout, "Wish me luck!"

Ben nodded and cried, "Break the leg, Julie!"

"I don't understand why you shout 'break the leg'. What does that have to do with Julie winning her tryout?" Rook asked in confusion.

Ben sighed, "Aw man. Let's just take the seat first."

Ben, Rook and Ship headed off to take their seats while watching the event. Julie is now doing her tryout as she was facing off against another participant.


After departing from Chicago, the Plumbers and SECT have entered the forest highway as they all still heading to the rendezvous point. And so far, there was no sign of troubles or enemies attacking them. Nevertheless, they're not letting their guard down now.

While Max was driving his RV, the rest of his teammates were arguing and having fun with each other such as Manny was shouting 'shotgun' for fun, Helen was looking through the map and watching out for the enemies, both Alan and Lucy were talking with each other about their families and each other. Lieutenant Steel complained and muttered about putting his trust on them while having doubts that they can do anything to help him achieve his mission.

While the team continued their journey, they come across to the roadblock by rockslides and Rojo's Gang. And just before they could react, their enemies fired their blasters and weaponry motorcycles at them. This caused them to turn their vehicles aside while colliding and knocking at each other from being blasted and destroyed.

Both Plumbers and SECT got out from the vehicles as they loaded and fired their weapons back at Rojo and her gang. Alan activated his Pyronite Mode to fire his flamethrower. Lucy turned into Humanoid Sludgepuppy while firing and launched the attacks at them. Helen was finding a way to dodge the blasts while attacking her enemies down. Max, Manny and Lieutenant Steel fired their blasters at them.

Both sides continued firing and shooting their blasters and arsenals at each other fiercely and determinedly to win this fight. Quintessa smirked darkly and amusingly as she and two vehicles watched the battlefield.

However, the battle didn't go well for the team as Rojo and her gang have unleashed their onslaught on the Plumbers. They have destroyed most of the tanks and arsenal weapons while most of Plumbers and even SECY Agents got badly injured and shot. Max hissed in concern as he and his team need reinforcement now. He quickly made the contact now.


At Bellwood High School's tennis court, Julie was still doing her tennis tryout against the participants. And so, she won five matches, and one more to win it. She's now challenging the last participant. The score for Julie : Her Opponent is 36 : 28. The spectators including Ben, Rook and even Ship were cheering for the match.

Julie and her opponent panted heavily as they're both exhausted and tired from playing the tennis. She needs 4 more points to win the match. She's ready to win and enter the championship.

And just before she could serve the ball, something blow a powerful wind at her and everyone. While everyone chatted and panicked in fear and concern, Team Ben looked up and found Tetrax's Ship was above them. They can even hear his voice.

"Sorry to ruin your match! But we've got emergency! Max needs our help now!" Tetrax's voice shouted.

Ben and Rook nodded firmly as they're readied to move out while Julie was hesitated and worried because she hasn't finish her tryout especially her coach, who was annoyed and angry about it. But in the end, she knew her team and friends need her now. Ben slammed his Omnitrix as he turned into Jetray before grabbed and held Rook on his claws while Ship and Julie merged together into Armorstrike with jet boosters.

Both of them gotten into Tetrax's Ship before launched and flew straight to Max's location. While everyone chatted and muttered about it, Julie's coach sighed in disappointment about her student left for the mission.


Max and his team struggled to fight and shoot back at Rojo and her gang, who has gained upper hand and almost winning the fight, thanks to their motorcycle's advanced and powerful technologies and weapons. Most of Plumber and SECT Agents and Soldiers got badly shot and injured during the fight. Nevertheless, Max and his team continued putting up the fight.

As Rojo and her gang are closed to finish them off, Tetrax's Ship have arrived, just in time. As the ship opened its cockpit, Team Ben jumped and dived down straight to the battlefield. Jetray fired his laser eyes in blasting and shooting most of Rojo's gang before transformed into Cannonbolt. He rammed and knocked them off. Tetrax slammed his crystallized sword-like at the motorcycles before engaged them. Rook and Julie also joined the battlefield by firing their blasters and fighting the enemies off one-by-one.

Seeing Team Ben has arrived and fought off Rojo and her gang, Max and his team joined the battlefield at once. Manny charged and slammed his punches at the gang off one-by-one. Helen used her speed to charged and rammed them off. Alan and Lucy covered each other's backs while engaging and beating their enemies off. Max, Lieutenant Steel and their troops fired their blasters and engaged Rojo and her gang, and even assisting their allies as well.

Rojo and her gang struggled to fight and hold the line until they received the beeping noise. As they were listening, the leader of the gang smirked. She quickly ordered her gang to abandon the fight and leave the battlefield at once. They all did as they gotten on their motorcycles and escaped the battlefield.

Team Ben and their allies cheered wildly and happily as they have won the fight. Max approached to the team at once. Cannonbolt returned to Ben's form.

"Nice job," Max congratulated, "Your timing couldn't be perfect."

And just before Team Ben could say anything, Julie spoke up, "Love to chat, but gotta get back to the tryout. See you later!"

Using her speed power, Julie ran off and returned straight to Bellwood High School at once. Team Ben and their allies watched her running off. They just hoped that she made it back in time.

"Ha! Did you see that?" Manny asked happily and happily, "They ran away from the fight! They'd better think twice from who they're messing with!"

Lucy giggled, "You've said it, Manny! We're the guys they don't wanna mess with!"

"Something's not right..." Max said in concern. Everyone looked at him. He continued, "Rojo never likes to run away from the fight."

"Okay... Why would you say that?" Alan asked.

Helen nodded, "Yeah. I thought the bad guys ran away because they don't wanna get caught and thrown into jail."

Ben hummed in cocnern, "Not Rojo... Why would they do that? They could have continued and finished the fight, unless..."

Lieutenant Steel gasped, "Oh no!"

And just before anyone could ask, Lieutenant Steel headed back to the convoy truck, where he found his five SECT Agents were knocked out while the door were broken to pieces especially the 'package' is missing now. Team Ben and their allies also joined and checked it out.

Lieutenant Steel hissed, "Now we know why Rojo and her gang left. They were just diversion while their friend came and get the 'package'."

"Question is who?" Ben asked suspiciously.


Julie has returned to tennis court, where she found out that no one but her and Ship was here. She has realized that she failed to return and finished the game. She found her coach at the end of court's entrance. Her coach shown her disappointment and angry looks before turned and walked away.

Julie looked shock and upset as she began cried tearfully. She screamed before slammed her fists on the ground hard. Ship emerged from her friend's body. He nuzzled gently against Julie's face for comfort and calm her down.

As long she has many missions with Team Ben to complete, Julie would never come back in time for tennis or even have her own normal life. What is she gonna do to solve the problem now?


Both Plumbers and SECT Agents returned to the Plumber's Headquarter as they were searching and hunting down on Rojo and their gang due to them have stolen the 'package'. All of them were inside the command center. Cooper and his two assistants - Driba and Blukic were in-charge of searching and hunting down on the enemies. The rest of them were armed and loaded their weapons as they're ready to engage the enemies.

Max was talking with Team Ben, Team Manny & and also Lieutenant Steel and his SECT Agents about who and how did Rojo's mysterious assistant. While they were chatting and discussing about it, Julie has arrived to the scene.

"Mr. Tennyson, can we talk?" Julie asked. Max and others turned and looked at her. She continued with sincere and upset tone, "I want to resign from this team."

Everyone sans Max, Ben and Tetrax gasped in shock and concern about Julie's quitting on the team.

"Why?!" Rook asked in concern.

Julie sighed, "I've missed my tennis practice, didn't finished my homework, I failed some of my studies, and also I want to make my dream come true."

"You don't mean that!" Lucy said in concern, "We need you. Team Ben needs you! Ben needs you, Jul! You can;t just leave them."

"Yeah, man! Come on, who cares about the studies? Studies sucks!" Manny exclaimed in amusement, before he gets the glare from his team, "What?"

"It might be selfish, but this is what I wanted." Julie said in upset tone.

Giving some thoughts about his past with Julie and her safety, Ben sighed, "It's okay, Julie. I understand."

Everyone sans Max and Tetrax gasped in shock and surprise. Max and Tetrax sighed as they knew and understand why Ben said it because of the past involved of Julie getting hurt.

"Really? You're not mad or something?" Julie asked in surprise.

"Julie, I'd never want to get you involved of this," Ben admitted before sighed, "And also, I didn't want to lose you too. You're too important to me. You deserve better than this."


"It's for the best. But don't worry, we still can get tonight, right?"

Julie smiled a bit, "Yeah. Of course. Thanks for understanding. See you around..."

Julie turned and walked away. Team Manny and Rook questioned Ben's decision of letting Julie quit the team and go home. Ben remained silent and firm with his decision especially keeping his past a secret about his 12-years-old adventure and tragedy.

"Everyone, that is enough," Max said firmly, "This is Julie's decision. She decides. And, we can't force her to come back to us."

Ben nodded, "Yeah. Julie deserve a better life than this."

"I agree, Ben. She deserve better..." Tetrax nodded in understanding. Suddenly, the alarm went off. He turned and looked at Cooper, who nodded firmly. He narrowed his eyes in anger, "Looks like we've found them! Let's move out!"

Team Ben and Team Manny quickly get into their ships as they flew and launched off to Rojo's location at once.


Julie returned to Bellwood's tennis court, where she practicing her tennis fiercely and angrily yet sadly. She was angry at herself for not because she failed to complete her tryout, but abandoning the team and her boyfriend. She still wanted to play the tennis and become the champion, but she didn't want to let her team down. She's indecisive with what she wanted to do between normal life and helping her team. She struck her racket against the ball right over the tennis court.

Julie panted heavily in exhaustion and tiresome. Ship approached as he jumped on her left shoulder. He gave her gentle nuzzle by face. She sighed before patted her Mechamorph Pup.

"I'm surprised you're here?" The coach asked as she entered the scene.

"Coach Natasha..." Julie said in surprise before sighed, "Sorry. I just came here for practice only. Sorry for letting you down. I didn't mean-!"

Coach Natasha interrupted, "It's okay, Yamamoto. I already know what happen."

"You do?"

"Yeah. Max Tennyson told me what has happen especially when you're an 'Armorstrike'. The team called you to help them to fight some bad guys and save the day."

"Coach. Well, you've got nothing to worry about that. I quit and come back here for my usual."

"Julie, you shouldn't have done that for my sake."

"But you were disappointed and angry with me for leaving the tryout! You were expecting me to join the tournament. I've let you down."

"True. But that was before I found out why you left the tennis practice and tryout. And besides, there are times that you have to put your dream aside because your family and friends need you especially saving the world. That's what heroes do, am I right?"

Julie was surprise and shocked to say, "I guess..."

"Don't worry, you'll get your chance to get in the tournament," Coach Natasha said calmly, "And also, I'll postpone your practice, and also delay the tryout and match until you come back from the mission. Sound fair enough?"

"I... I don't know what to say," Julie admitted in shock and surprise.

Coach Natasha smiled, "Say 'thank you', kid. And go save the world coz the team needs you now..."

Coach Natasha turned and left the tennis court, leaving Julie behind to think about her decision and concerns if she can be the hero to help her friends while dealing her normal life. Ship beeped and chipped happily before nuzzled her face again. This make her smile and think about decision.


After locating Rojo and her gang at Chicago City, Team Ben and Team Manny are engaging and battling against them. Rojo and her gang has launched massive assaults from their upgraded and powerful weapons at the heroes.

Ben has turned into Wildvine as he launched his elastically vine punches at Rojo's gang while throwing some seed bombs on their arsenals. Tetrax used and swung his crystallized sword at the enemies off while blocking and deflecting the shots. Rook used his Proto-Tool Spear to swing at them off. Manny used his brute strength to punch and knock them off. Helen sped up and knocked them off. Lucy and Alan used their combined power of mud and flamethrower in forming a powerful concrete on the arsenals.

Despite the effort Team Ben and Team Manny have put with against their enemies, Rojo and her gang withstood the attack and fought back. Azul and Amarillo armed and fired their Hyper Missile Cannons at the team, who quickly dodged and avoided the attacks at once. They were assisted and joined by the rest of gang to fire their blasters and guns at them. Team Ben and Team Manny did their best to fight and push back at the gangster.

Rojo activated her armor into more strong and powerful as she swung her bladed gauntlets at vines and seed bombs that were thrown by Wildvine. Wildvine snarled as he quickly hit his Omnitrix as he turned into Diamondhead, who blocked and deflected the attack while fighting back against her. Both of them fiercely punched against each other for few times. As they both land and clash their punches at each other, Rojo smirked as she fired a powerful shock wave blast at Diamondhead to push back. Diamondhead panted heavily.

"Okay! Where did you get this upgrade from?!" Diamondhead asked in exhaustion, "This is so not by Vilgax or Plumbers' Tech."

Rojo smirked, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Diamondhead panted, "Either way, I'm still gonna knock you down!"

"Try me, loser," Rojo said confidently before firing shock wave blast at Diamondhead, damaging and cranking his crystallized body. He grunted and groaned in pain as he dropped to the ground. He panted heavily. Rojo approached and aimed her blaster at him, "Looks like I win. I finally beat the Ben 10 now!"

Diamondhead grunted in concern as he realized that he has no chance to beat her now especially he's at weakened state. And just before Rojo could finish him off, someone came and rammed her aside. Her appearance shocked him and the rest. She turned out to be Armorstrike.

"Stay away from my boyfriend," Armorstrike said firmly.

"Julie?!" Team Ben and Team Manny asked in shock and surprise.

Rojo snarled, "You're gonna regret for coming back!"

Rojo and Armorstrike screamed as they both charged and slammed their punches on each other's. They both departed and moved back. Both of them began punching and attacking each other fiercely and wildly for 8 times. The gangster leader used her gauntlets' laser swords to attack the armored heroine, who quickly summoned her electrical modern katana to block and fought back. Both of them swung their swords against each other for few times.

Team Ben and Team Manny engaged with the rest of her gang firmly and determinedly. Diamondhead hit his Omnitrix as he turned into Heatblast. Team Manny were dealing with thugs and goons. He fired and blasted his flame shots and flamethrower at them and their shots. Rook and Tetrax were engaging with both Azul and Amarillo, who armed with upgraded mechanical fists and speed boosters.

Using her super speed, Amarillo slammed her punches and kicks at Rook. He struggled of standing up while trying to use his Proto Blaster to take her down. For few rounds have passed, he was beaten and wounded badly to fall down hard. She was about to finish him off by ramming and knocking. He activated his Proto-Tool Blaster into Auto-Turret on his right shoulder, which fired shots at Amarillo's boosters. This caused her to slip and trip before got her face punched by Rook.

Both Tetrax and Azul fought against each other fiercely and brutally for few times, causing them to bleed and wounded badly. As Tetrax was about to slam his punch at her face, Azul dodged down before grabbed and thrown him off to the walls hard. She charged and slammed her punches at his face and body for few times. After launching a powerful punch, he fell to the ground hard. And just before she could finish him off, he slammed his hand on the ground, which summoned the crystal spikes in capturing and holding her down. As Azul struggled of getting out, Tetrax slammed his punch at her for knocking out.

Armorstrike and Rojo continued battling with each other fiercely for few rounds. The gangster leader activated her powered cannon in firing at armored heroine, who dodged down from the blast. But the blast hit the signboard's support, which was about to fall upon some children. Spotted it, she quickly turned and activated her speed ability to charge and moved them to the bus stop station. She patted while looking at them.

"You're okay?" Armorstrike asked in concern.

The children cheered and commented her happily, "Way to go, Armorstrike! You're awesome! Go kick the bad guys' butts! Beat her up! Go win, Armorstrike! You're my hero!"

Armorstrike blushed a bit, "Glad to hear you're all okay. You'd better hide before-!"

BOOM! Armorstrike yelped in pain as she dropped to the ground hard. She grunted before turned and found Rojo armed and aimed her Hyper Missile Cannon at her. Armorstrike hissed in anger as she widened her hands to keep the children safe. Instead, they came to her aid and formed a perimeter around her. She was in shock and surprise to see them defending her.

"Aw... Isn't that sweet," Rojo said amusingly, "I hate kids..."

"Why?! Because of me!" Heatblast asked as he fired his flamethrower at Rojo, who quickly formed  force-field to block the attacks. He scoffed while narrowed his eyes in anger, "Attacking some kids is so low of you. That's Vilgax standard."

Rojo scoffed, "I don't care, Tennyson! Die, son of a bitch!"

"Watch the language!" Heatblast exclaimed in annoyance, "There's some kids here, you know!"

"That's why I don't care!" Rojo shouted in anger as she armed and readied to her Hyper Missile Cannon, "See ya, loser!"

BOOM! Rojo got her Hyper Missile Cannon blasted before got punched by face and body for few times before kicked her guts off. Rojo grunted in anger as she armed and readied the blasters. And just before she could fired, Heatblast thrown his fire shots at her. She turned and was about to fire her blasters at him. Heatblast dodged and avoided the blasts while firing his fire shots at her.

While Rojo was distracted at fighting Heatblast, Armorstrike have her armor detached and turned into Ship. He jumped on Rojo as he shock and electrocuted her armor. Instead of shutting down the armor, the gangster leader muttered and cursed angrily as she tried to remove Mechamorph Pup out from her. Heatblast hit his Omnitrix, turning into Upgrade. He jumped and joined Ship as they both continued shocking and electrocuting Rojo's armor for the moment.

Upgrade and Ship detached and moved away from Rojo, whose armor has been deactivated and fallen apart. She groaned in anger as she was about to attack. But instead, Julie punched at Rojo's face, making her to fall down hard. Julie sighed as she shook a bit of her hand for recovery. Upgrade and Ship whistled in amazement. Unknown to the team, they have been watched by Quintessa, who smirked and then teleported at once.

Team Ben and Team Manny rounded up Rojo and her gang. Ben was talking with Julie, who helped and led the children to their parents. The young ones cheered and thanked her happily. This make her smiled happily. Ben couldn't help but smile to see his girlfriend smiled.

"So, what change your mind?" Ben asked curiously.

"I did have some thinking to do," Julie admitted, "But I have a coach and some kids to thank for. They made me realize that helping friends and keeping the world safe comes first."

"What about your dream? Your tennis?"

"It can wait until we deal with some problems like this. Plus, making dream come true is a long way for me to get there."

"Julie..." Ben said in surprise. He wants to against it for her safety, but he didn't want to hurt her feelings again. He smiled, "Welcome back to the team, Armorstrike. And we'll try our best to end the fight for you get back to match."

Julie nodded, "Deal. So, are we on date now?"

Ben smiled as he lend his hand out for Julie to take, "Be my guess."

As she took his hand, both Ben and Julie headed off for their date. Alan noticed as he was about to follow and call them, but stopped by Manny and Helen, who shook their heads that Ben and Julie needed to be left alone for their date. Lucy giggled happily about 'romantic' ideas. Tetrax and Rook were checking and interrogating Rojo and her gang. They learned that something off.

"You don't have the 'package'?" Tetrax asked in shock and anger. Rojo nodded firmly. He snarled as he held Rojo up, "Where is it?! Who has it?! Vilgax?!"

Rojo shook her head, "Quintessa..."

Rook asked, "Who is Quintessa?"

"I don't know," Tetrax admitted in concern, "Whoever that is, I've got the bad feeling about it..."


At the abandoned Gould Investment Warehouse, Quintessa was floating before the package, along with two vehicles were standing besides with it. Her blue eyes glowed darkly as the 'package' container slowly shocked and electrocuted. It opened and revealed the damaged mechanical seed with dimmed orange light.

"My Emberstone..." Quintessa said calmly as she held it up, "It has returned to me. And now, we can resume to our plan."

"Good to know, Quintessa..." The dark voice spoke as the grayish car transformed into a giant robot with scar on left side while his right hand armed with a hook. He scoffed, "I'm sick of hiding now."

The blue snow truck transformed into a muscular blue humanoid robot with big gray chin and yellow pipes ears-like, "Tell me about it, Lockdown. I wanna some payback from those traitors for what they did to me. They're gonna be sorry for messing with the wrong Prime especially if it's Sentinel Prime!"

Lockdown groaned, "Please, you're just a clone to original Sentinel Zeta Prime, Townsend!"

"Watch it! I'm stronger and better than the original!" Townsend exclaimed in anger, "And in fact, I'd never hold back anything especially these filthy humans and Autobots. I'll destroy them without mercy."

"And you will, Townsend and Lockdown," Quintessa said calmly as she placed the Emberstone on her spark chamber. She summoned several holographic screens out while looking and typing on screens, "For now, we must find and gather all the necessary components and tools for the preparation of our revenge."

"Then, what the hell are we waiting for?" Townsend asked impatiently.

Lockdown nodded in agreement, "Yeah. You can count on us to get the job done."

Quintessa smirked, "Soon, both Autobots and Decepticons will fall. And I will recreate and restore my planet and my people. This world will serve as the new home for Quintessons."


Returning to SECT Headquarter, Lieutenant Steel was inside his office. He activated the  large computer screens as he was contacting his military command about failures to deliver the 'package' to rendezvous point. The visual screens revealed six figures.

"Command, I wasn't able to deliver the package to you in time due to Rojo and her gang have stolen and delivered it to unknown client," Lieutenant Steel reported, "But one thing we can be certain. It could be her."

First figure sighed, "This is bad news. There's no telling what she's planning for next move."

The second figure scoffed, "Whatever it is, we'll be ready to take her down. We've beaten her once, we can do it again like before."

"Negative, Colonel Lennox and Director Burton. You mustn't send your military to go and engage with her. Leave Quintessa to me and my team," Third figure said firmly and calmly in robotic tone, "We'll stop and end her once and for all."

Colonel Lennox sighed, "Alright. But we'll do the recon and report to you."

Director Burton nodded, "I agreed with Colonel. Do be careful to deal with her, Optimus Prime."

Optimus Prime sighed, "Do not worry. We'll be fine. And we will stop and defeat Quintessa, no matter the cost..."


Review and Suggest...

Main Casts:
Johnny Yong Bosch: Ben Tennyson, Upgrade, Kid #2
Kelly Hu: Julie Yamamoto/Armorstrike, Ship, Kid #3, Female Thug #3
Bumper Robinson: Rook Blonko, Kid #1, SECT Agent #3
Dave Fennoy: Tetrax Shard
Jennifer Hale: Rojo, Female Thug #1, Kid #4

Minor Casts:
Gemma Chan: Quintessa, Female Thug #2
Paul Eiding: Max Tennyson
Khary Payton: Manny Armstrong
Juliet Landau: Helen Wheels, Azul
Zeno Robinson: Alan Albright
Alyson Stone: Lucy Mann, Amarillo, Kid #6, Female Thug #4
Michael Gough: Lieutenant Steel, SECT Agent #1,
Dee Bradley Baker: Jetray, SECT Agent #2, Plumber Trooper #1
Laura Bailey: Coach Natasha
Jim Ward: Diamondhead, Plumber Trooper #2
Steven Blum: Heatblast, Kid #5, Plumber Trooper #3

Mark Ryan: Lockdown
Townsend Coleman: Townsend Prime
Josh Duhamel: Colonel Lennox
Anthony Hopkins: Director Burton
Peter Cullen: Optimus Prime

Author's Notes:
1. This Ben 10 True Omniverse is connecting to Transformers Prime Universe including the my fanfiction prequels - Transformers Prime I: Prime, Transformers Prime II: Exodus and soon I'll be working third prequel - Journey and fourth prequel - Guardians.
Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 4
Julie struggled of dealing with her tennis practice and going out mission with Team Ben. She has to make the decision to choose either one of them. And at the same time, Team Ben is engaging with Rojo and her gang, who has stolen highly advanced weapon from SECT.

Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 3
This story is the adaption of My Little Pony: The Movie (2017). And this is the confirmation of casts and characters that are gonna play part in the movies. But alert, there will be some changes due to my thinking of how the story flows while keeping some plot as its original and adding some subplots and twists in it.

And of course, I won't start this movie until I watched the movie, and also finished Season 7 and Equestria Girls Mini Series, otherwise, it will complicate the stories.

1) Twilight Sparkle (VA: Tara Strong): A highly magical and intelligent Alicorn, who is both Princess of Friendship for spreading friendship and harmony across Equestria Kingdom, and Leader of Mane Six. She is also the wielder of Element of Light & Magic, reincarnation to Iris 'Hope' Crystal and Shadow Dragon's love-interest. She is suspicious and jealous of Iris Crystal, which will test and strain her relationship with her friends and loved ones.

2) Shadow Dragon
(VA: Matt Lanter): A courageous & heroic proud yet humble Mystic Earth Pony warrior, who is Twilight Sparkle's Love-Interest, A Mystic Hero and Scout to Dragon Strike Force. He is also wielder of Element of Darkness. After years of protecting and loving her, he decided to propose Twilight Sparkle for marriage. But he will soon be tested to choose between her ex-wife and fiancee, which will strain his relationship with them.

3) Iris 'Hope' Crystal
(VA: Kelly Hu): Daughter of Princess Celestia & Azure Phoenix, who sacrificed her immortality and power to save lives before her death in 1700's. She was both Shadow Dragon's first wife and Lance Justicestrike's biological mother. She mysteriously resurrected, however, her behavior and role is questionable and different.

1) Applejack (VA: Ashleigh Ball): An honest apple farm Earth Pony, who is wielder of Element of Honesty. She is also Twilight Sparkle's sworn sister, best friend, and also her trusted lieutenant and advisor for helping her and providing some useful advises when the princess's in tight and depressed situation. However, her friendship with Twilight is about to be tested during her adventure.

2) Rainbow Dash
(VA: Ashleigh Ball): An adventurous spirited & loyal brave Pegasus, who is wielder of Element of Loyalty and a member of Wonderbolts. She and Blazefist often clashed and argued about getting some help to save their home.

3) Fluttershy
(VA: Andrea Libman): A kindhearted yet timid Pegasus, who deeply cares and loved the animals and also the wielder of Element of Kindness. She is now Terrrocreep's beloved wife and conscience of kindness and morality.

4) Pinkie Pie
(VA: Andrea Libman): A party-obsessed Earth Pony filled with joy and laughter, who is wielder of Element of Laughter. Like Rainbow Dash, she often argued with Blazefist about getting some help to save their home.

5) Rarity
(VA: Tabitha St. Germain): A generous yet dramatic fashion designer unicorn, who is wielder of Element of Generosity. She is the owner and founder of Carousal Boutique and also Shorty Thinking's girlfriend.

6) Blazefist
(VA: Josh Keaton): A serious and strict charming Mystic Pegasus is the Colonel to Imperial Phoenix Army and Field Commander of Dragon Strike Force, who is also wielder of Element of Fire. As Aquastroke's husband and Indigo Zap's father, he did whatever it takes to protect and save his family and home by means of necessary.

7) Shorty Thinking
(VA: Sam Riegel): An intellect, calm and patient Mystic Unicorn is Water Tiger Strategist and Second-in-Command, Medic & Inventor to the team. He is also the wielder of Element of Wood and Rarity's boyfriend.

8) Saber Dragoon
(VA: Will Friedle): The brave and bold Mystic Earth Pony is Prince of Dragoon Republic Nation and Team's Detective, who has strong sense of benevolence and justice. He's the wielder of Element of Wind. He is Marble Pie's boyfriend.

9) Aquastroke
(VA: Christy Carlson Romano): A headstrong tomboy Princess of Water Tiger Kingdom, but a caring mother-figure Mystic Pegasus to the Team. She is Blazefist's wife, Indigo Zap's mother, Rainbow Dash's personal coach and wielder of Element of Water.

10) Terrorcreep
(VA: Matthew Mercer): Cold & calculated ruthless yet noble and selfless Mystic Vampire Pony is Tactician and Spy to both his Team and Sovereign Lion Black Ops. He is also Fluttershy's protective husband and wielder of Element of Thunder.

11) Laxtinct
(VA: P.J. Bryce): This Earth Mystic Pony can be gullible and clueless strong warrior, but has a strong loyalty and kindness to both family and friends. He is the demoted private of Imperial Phoenix Army and Team's Muscle. He is wielder of Element of Earth.

12) Tailtech
(VA: Kate Higgins): Another intelligent but sensitive and compassionate Mystic Fox-Pony hybrid is Shorty Thinking's assistant and mechanic. He is the Team's Intelligence. He is the wielder of Element of Metal.

13) Icy
(VA: Cristina Vee): Kindhearted yet smart and conscience Mystic Unicorn to the group, who resolve with negotiation than violence is also Shorty Thinking's Assistant. She is the Peacekeeper but a terrible cooker to the team. She is wielder of Element of Ice.

14) Flare Tiger
(VA: Jennifer Hale): Random yet optimistic and proud heroic descendant of Shadow Dragon, Iris 'Hope' Crystal and Twilight Sparkle. Her duty is to ensure the future for her family is on track to her timeline. She is wielder of Element of Time and Space.

15) Spike (VA: Cathy Weseluck): A baby dragon and Twilight Sparkle's faithful and caring assistant and adopted son. He has some suspicious about Iris Crystal. He has crush on Dragon Lord Ember after Rarity started dating with Shorty Thinking.

16) Nyx (VA: Kira Tozer): Twilight's brave and smart yet compassionate Alicorn daughter, who loved her family and friends so much. She sees them more family than friends, especially her lovable parents. Like her mother, she is suspicious of Iris Crystal.

17) Lance Justicestrike (VA: Jesse McCartney): Biological son of Shadow Dragon and Iris Crystal. He is both brave anddetermined Mystic Pegasus, who is loyal and protective of his family and friends. He is concern and suspicious of his mother's sudden resurrection and behavior towards his friends and even himself.

18) Dragoking
 (VA: Dee Bradley Baker): Shadow Dragon's strongest and powerful loyal yet kindhearted mighty Hydragoon. He likes eating fishes, which many Seaponies feared him the most. His kind is also rivals and nemeses to Tyrannosaur Chaos.

1) Shining Armor (VA: Andrew Francis): Twilight Sparkle's older brother and Princess Cadance's husband and Flurry Heart's father, who is very brave, lovable and caring but protective of family and doesn't trust Shadow Dragon much.

2) Jason Strike/Mystic Shadow Knight
(VA: Jason Griffith): Hotheaded and arrogant yet strong-willed Mystic Pegasus warrior, who believed that killing criminals and using violence will bring order, justice and peace to the world. He was Shadow Dragon's former apprentice.

3) Starlight Glimmer (VA: Kelly Sheridan): One of Twilight Sparkle's Pupils - studious yet dedicated and magical skilled unicorn. She is also formerly adopted daughter to Amon Statham Blood.

4) Sunset Shimmer
 (VA: Rebecca Shoichet): One of Twilight Sparkle's Pupils - sensitive and caring unicorn, who formerly was human to experience being pony. She is the leader of Shadow Six.

5) Cutie Mark Crusaders
: A group of foals, who dedicate help foals earn and solve their cutie mark problems. 
  • Apple Bloom (VA: Michelle Cerber): Applejack's younger sister, who is hardworking and independent but caring leader of the group.
  • Sweetie Belle (VA: Claire Corlett) : Rarity's younger sister, who is sweet, gentle and smart talented singer of the group.
  • Scootaloo (VA: Madeleine Peters): Rainbow Dash's brave and determined fan and sister figure, who loved riding her scooter and daredevil of the group.
6) Flash Sentry (VA: Vincent Tong): Shadow Dragon's courageous Pegasus Apprentice & brother-in-arms, who has strong bonds to his senpai and love Sunset Shimmer.

7) Sunburst
 (VA: Ian Hanlin): Starlight Glimmer's intelligent and studious unicorn childhood friend, who served as Flurry Heart's Crystaller.

1) Tempest Shadow (VA: Emily Blunt): An embittered unicorn who serves as the Storm King's second-in-command and one of Main Antagonists, in order to restore her broken horn. She possessed a strong and deadly rampaging but loyal, prideful and quick-thinking Ancient Beast - Tyrannosaur Chaos named as Chaos Slayer, and Grubber as her both trusted cohort and ally.

2) Storm King
(VA: Liev Schreiber): A deranged, despotic, satyr-like 'storm creature' and one of Main Antagonists, who conquers lands in search of powerful magic - Elements of Harmony. He also make trades and alliance with Dark Curse and Dark Mystic Ponies for weapons and arsenals, but in-return to his associates - ancient artifacts, which the Storm King found them 'too cutie' and 'junks'.

3) Kyuubi Lilith (VA: Eva Green): One of Main Antagonist but hidden and mysterious. She is Chaos Herald of Lust, who is also a nine-tailed fox demon with female gender shape-shifting ability. Her myth claimed that she searched and desired nothing but a perfect beauty of body, voice and soul to earn the love of her fallen ally - Yami - Chaos Herald of Ronin. Her myth also claimed that she has great hatred for her rivalry enemy - Mystic Guardian of Light & Magic - Hikari, who won the heart and love of Yami.

4) Dark Curse (VA: Lathan Gaines): Mysterious yet cold and calculative, ruthless and cruel Dark Lord two-horned Dark Mystic Unicorn of Dark Mystic Ponies, who desired nothing but both Equestria and Mystic Realms burnt to the ground while creating a new order for his empire. However, his backstory remains unknown especially his connection to Demon God and Thirteen Chaos Heralds...

5)Swipestrike/Maul (VA: Ted Lewis): Dark Curse's ruthless and cruel charmed Demon Changeling and Second-in-Command, who is nemesis to Shadow Dragon and Dragon Strike Force. He has strong desire and lust for Twilight Sparkle, believed her as his mating queen. He also led the army to assist Storm King in conquest, under the order of Dark Curse.

6) Grubber (VA: Michael Pena): a wisecracking 'pug-faced' hedgehog and Tempest Shadow's cohort and only friend; whom Spike, Nyx and Lance Justicestrike befriended with. He also has some issues with Ancient Beasts - most notably Chaos Slayer.

7) Nezha Vengito (VA: Sean Schemmel): A proud and powerful anti-heroic Ultimate Warrior Mystic Pegasus, who is more concern and protective to his kind, and considered Equestria Ponies and Friendship Concept as sign of weakness. He strongly believed in power as sign of strength. He is Shadow Dragon's Arch-Rival.

8) Death Tactic
 (VA: Lars Mikkelsen): Nezha Vengito's Second-in-Command Mystic Unicorn, who is calm and collected yet highly intellectual ruthless Grand Admiral in military strategies by studying his enemies' and allies' history, philosophy, culture and arts to gain the results than personal glory.

1) Capper
 (VA: Taye Diggs): A humanoid cat, who is a cunning yet good-hearted con artist, whom Rarity befriended with. Shorty Thinking doesn't trust him due to the cat being close to Rarity, and his occupation as con artist and criminal connection.

2) Captain Celaeno (VA: Zoe Saldana): A harpy-like parrot and jaded pirate captain whom Rainbow Dash befriended with. She and her crew are relegated to the Storm King's delivery service. Aquastroke has friendly rivalry with her for defeating and killing enemies.

3) Princess Skystar
 (VA: Juliet Simmons): An excitable and friendly Hippogriff princess, whom Pinkie Pie befriended with. She is Laxtinct's new love-interest after Sonata Dusk being dumped and banished to Human Realm.

4) AxeKnight Warriors Corp: Former military army to the Chaos Herald of Ronin, which is now led by Skullitron for glory, survival and redemption after the Multiverse War. A group that Twilight Sparkle, Shadow Dragon and Dragon Strike Force are willing to befriended and allied with.
  • Skullitron (VA: Mark Hamill): A strong and fierce yet calm black armored humanoid skeleton knight-like, whose heart has humble, devotion and gentleman's mannerism is proud and protective leader of AxeKnight Warriors Corp. He has strong resentment and hatred to Applejack, who reminded of his former nemesis and rival. Applejack distrust and disliked him for judging and comparing her and her friends about loyalty and friendship.
  • Axe Mantis (VA: Dee Bradley Baker): A rampaging prowess silver armored mantis-like knight with sharp blades is the military army's interrogator and medic. Though wild and hot-tempered demon for enjoyed interrogating, torturing and eating his prisoners and preys alive, but he is quite patient, swift and resourceful warrior.
  • Nightscream (VA: Steven Blum): A cunning purple Shakespeare-like humanoid bat-like knight is a twisted sociopath but saned yet loyal comedian to AxeKnight Military Army as a second-in-command and Strategist to the army. He is also an actor, artist, poet, storyteller and musician.
  • Phantom (VA: Lex Lang): A silent but deadly and devoted humble black armored skull demon-like knight, who took his mission and duty very serious and also does not hesitate to do it. He doesn't take jokes very lightly especially if it's from Pinkie Pie. He is the military's scout, assassin, spy and patrol unit.
  • Bombardier (VA: Patricia Drake): A giant and muscular armored metallic troll-like knight, who is the military army's walking arsenal and muscle. As brutal and prowess warrior, she enjoyed war and destruction especially bombarding the areas. But as the strategist, she is brilliant tactical soldier.
  • Ravage SkullKnight (VA: Mark Hamill): A powerful Titan Guardian, whose duty is to protect their master and destroy any enemies that stands in his way. Formed by five powerful generals - Skullitron as head, Bombardier as torso, Axe Mantis as legs, Nightscream as right hand and Phantom as left hand.
5) Soul Sweetie (VA: Cathy Cavadini): A Seaspony that magically turned into Vampire Pony; is smart, strong and selfless sweet pony. Though she loved her adopted father - Skullitron, she often disapprove his criminal activities. She is the pony, whom Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle befriended and helped.

6) Roughneck Rumble (VA: Elizabeth Daily): Soul's younger sister and another Seapony that magically turned into Earth Pony. A rebellious, tough and headstrong but tempered tomboy fighter, who preferred 'fight first, ask later'. She is the pony, whom Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle befriended and helped.

7) Shadow Six: A group of six veteran officers, who once served under Azure Phoenix and Cunning Fury, formed a team under the leadership of Sunset Shimmer. 
  • Indigo Zap (VA: Kelly Sheridan): A brave and adventurous Pegasus and Second-in-Command of Shadow Six is daughter of Blazefist and Aquastroke.
  • Sugarcoat (VA: Sienna Bohn): A blunt yet quick talkative smart Pegasus, who is Tactician of Shadow Six. 
  • Sour Sweet (VA: Sharon Alexander): A two-faced gentle and ill-tempered Earth Pony, who is Spy of Shadow Six.
  • Lemon Zest (VA: Shannon Chan-Kent): A musical enthusiast Unicorn, who is Intelligence of Shadow Six.
  • Sunny Flare (VA: Britt Irvin): A proud and spoiled yet noble and generous Earth Pony, who is Weapon Specialist of Shadow Six. 
8) Team Fighters: Lance Justicestrike's small band of brave and heroic young fighters, as well as his best friends.
  • Shiroi Bai/Kasai Songbird (VA: Hayden Pannettiere): Lance Justicestrike's sensitive but brave and smart Unicorn girlfriend, who formerly worked under Lelouch as spy due to control/getting rid of her demonic powers. She acts as advisor to the team.
  • Red Arsenal (VA: Crispin Freeman): Stoic and serious second-in-command Pegasus with metallic cyborg's arm-like, who is skilled with archery. He is also Lance Justicestrike's mentor.
  • Steel Blaze (VA: Quinton Flynn): A laid-back but hotheaded Earth Pony fighter to the team, who is skilled in hooves combat and blazing chakram to fight.
  • Metalgear (VA: Derek Stephen Prince): Tactical and perfectionist yet comic-relief butler Metal Pony, who is also Commander of his Metal Ponies and Team's Walking Arsenal.
  • Boomer (VA: Ben Diskin): A headstrong and short-tempered short dragon, who is Spike's sworn brother and leader of Drake Trio.
  • Rob (VA: Rob Paulsen): A talkative worrisome yet intelligent skinny dragon, who is Smart of Drake Trio.
  • Grunt (VA: Vin Diesel): A strong and might yet soft-hearted dragon, who has limited verbal and Strong of Drake Trio.
  • Alyson Joy (VA: Alyson Stoner): The blinded smart Unicorn Pony, who is Steel Blaze's sister and member of Cutie Mark Crusaders.
1) Princess Celestia (VA: Nicole Oliver): A benevolent and wise Alicorn Ruler of Equestria, who controls the sun, as well as Princess Twilight's Mentor and Iris Crystal's mother.

2) Princess Luna
(VA: Tabitha St. Germain): Princess Celestia's proud yet loyal and kindhearted sister, who controls the moon and dreams.

3) Princess Cadance
(VA: Britt McKillip): Sweet, kind and loving Princess of Crystal Empire, who is also the wife of Shining Armor, sister-in-law to Twilight Sparkle and mother of Flurry Heart.

4) Shadow Dragon's Family:
  • Mystic Tao (VA: Sab Shimono): Cranky yet loving and wise adopted father Mystic Earth Pony of Shadow Dragon, who is also Mystic Councilpony of Light.
  • Dragon Kick (VA: Jackie Chan): Protective yet calm and brave Mystic Earth Pony fighter and archaeologist, and adopted cousin to Shadow Dragon.
  • Jade Adventure (VA: Cherami Leigh): Spirited adventurous Mystic Unicorn, who is first cousin-once-removed to Shadow Dragon, and a member of Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Mammoth 'Mighty' Heart (VA: Noah Nelson): A big strong yet loyal and protective butler and brother-figure sumo Pegasus, who also is Mystic Tao's apprentice.
5) Azure Phoenix (VA: Douglas Rye): Princess Celestia's ambitious and strong intelligent ex-husband and Mystic Alicorn Emperor, who is leader of Imperial Phoenix Empire, ruled over Northern Ma and Mystic Councilpony of Fire.

6) Strikespell
 (VA: Doug Erholtz): Cold and ruthless yet calm and brave Mystic Unicorn. He is the firstborn son of Princess Celestia and Azure Phoenix, who is the heir to the Imperial Phoenix throne.

7) Han Zane (VA: Alessandro Juliani): Princess Luna's reckless and slacking but brave and compassionate Pegasus Love-Interest, who is both photographer and archaeologist, and was reincarnation of General Han Zero.

8) Jade Emperor Lau
(VA: George Takei): wise, noble and respectable 200th Mystic Emperor Unicorn of Mystic Realm, who is also uncle of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and grandfather of Nezha Vengito.

9) Flare Tiger's Family: Another group of descendants to Shadow Dragon, Iris Crystal and Twilight Sparkle.
  • Comet Star (VA: Jason Griffith): A hardworking kindhearted Hippogriff Blacksmith and a loving father. 
  • Blaze Leo (VA: Jason Spisak): Matured and headstrong yet protective Earth Pony, who admired Shadow Dragon as a hero.
  • Midnight Moonlight (VA: Emma Watson): Intelligent proud Unicorn, who is trying to prove her best as Twilight Sparkle. 
  • Ace Swift (VA: Greg Cipes): An arrogant and confident but good-hearted Pegasus, who loved racing and challenging.
  • Aurora Borealis (VA: Cassandra Morris): Shy yet gentle and kind Alicorn, who is conscience and peacekeeper to siblings. 
  • Iris Heart Shield (VA: Juliet Landau): A young compassionate yet curious and smart adopted Unicorn daughter. 
  • Shadow Cat (VA: Kathleen Delaney): Sarcastically cunning cat-like Unicorn pony, who loved pranks and sworn sister to Flare Tiger. 
  • Flower Dog (VA: Colleen Villard): Sensitive and loyal motherly dog-like Pegasus, who is also a sworn sister to Flare Tiger
10) Queen Novo (VA: Uzo Aduba): A strict and protective ruler of the Hippogriffs and Princess Skystar's mother. Her duty is guarding and keeping safe of an ancient yet dangerous powerful relic, created by Chaos Heralds - Orb of Lost Souls.

11) Dragon Lord Ember (VA: Ali Milner): A headstrong and brave yet intelligent and kind Dragon Lord to her Dragon Kind, who is an ally, friend and love interest to Spike.

12) Thorax (VA: Kyle Rideout): A kindhearted and friendly Changeling King to his hive, and an ally and friend to Spike as well.

1) Songbird Serenade (VA: Sia): A pegasus and famous pop star in Equestria, and a friend and rival of Chestnut Vocal.

2) Numb Divide Squad
: A group of rock'n'roll ponies, who played songs that is related to ponies' everyday struggles and 'dark days'. Many Mystic Ponies were inspired and loved their music very much. (Note: This band is based on Linkin Park, including late Chester Bennington. Some of my favorite songs will be played in this adaptation as the tribute and honor to them for providing best awesome songs.)
  • Chestnut Vocal (VA: Chester Bennington): A lead singer Unicorn, who is friend and rival to Songbird Serenade.
  • Rap Replay (VA: Mike Shinodo): A pianist & rapper Earth Pony, sworn brother to Chestnut Vocal.
  • Delta Headset (VA: Brad Delson): A lead guitarist Pegasus, who used headset in listening since he is deaf.
  • DJ Hahn (VA: Joe Hahn): A DJ Player Unicorn, Director & Visual Artist for Music Video and Album. 
  • Bass (VA: Dave Farrell): A bassist Earth Pony, who is a friend and sworn brother to Delta Headset.
  • Big Beat (VA: Rob Bourdon): A youngest drummer Pegasus, who loved drums than any music instruments. 
3) Yami: Chaos Herald of Ronin and predecessor of Element of Darkness, who fell in love with Hikari, betraying his own allies and responsible of turning the tide during Multiverse Wars. Shadow Dragon was often referred by both Chaos Heralds and Skullitron due to him being resemblance to Yami.

4) Hikari: Mystic Guardian of Light and predecessor of Element of Light and Magic, who fell in love with Yami, but met her tragic end by hands of Kyuubi Lilith during Multiverse Wars. Like Yami, Twilight Sparkle was often referred by Chaos Heralds and Skullitron because of her resemblance to Hikari.

5) Honest Jack: Second-in-Command and protective Sister to Hikari, Skullitron's former rival and also predecessor of Element of Strength and Honest, but met her tragic end by the hands of Kyuubi Lilith. Applejack was hated, resented and referred by Skullitron due to her resemblance and personality to his former rival.

6) Demon God Apocalypse Devil: Known as 'God of Destruction'. A powerful entity and former brother to Mystic Heaven, who is responsible of creating Chaos Heralds and started the Multiverse Wars. After his defeat, he was banished to a hidden imprisoned realm. Despite his banishment, his legacy lives on - many villains used his Hellsing Crystals, Dark Mystic Ponies honored and respected him and Lelouch Skarr searched and united Chaos Heralds to free him from his imprisonment realm.

7) Mystic Heaven: Known as 'God of Creation'. Another powerful entity and former brother of Apocalypse Devil, who is responsible for creating the realms of Equestria and Mystic, and even Mystic Guardians and Mysti Ponies themselves for peace and harmony. After his victory, he disappeared but some believed that he's among them especially the last known relic - Mystic Crystal used as stabilized of Mystic Realm and birth of Mystic Ponies.


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Hey nigel5469 has anybody asked you to add any mlp oc's in your stories by chance
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Well, MewTora17 is the only person that wanted me to put hers into my stories since she has created them as descendants to Shadow Dragon. VISION-KING allowed his Red Arsenal into my story. And JusSonic doesn't count because I chose to create and reboot his stories.
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That depends how they fit for the story, and how interesting their OCs are to me.
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Quick question: who's gonna be joining Pinkie Pie for Yickslurbertfest (the yak festival) in Yakyakistan in episode 11? Saber Dragoon, Cheese Sandwich or Laxtinct?
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That won't happen because the episode I'm doing involved of Yaks getting along with Three Kingdoms of Ma. All of them were sworn enemies during Iris Crystal's time. This episode is based on The Legend of Tarzan - Seed of Destruction episode. Plus, Cheese Sandwich screw things up at Yakyakistan, and he has to fix it before the yaks and Chinese Ponies get into a big fight.
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Who knows? They maybe used as their superhero suits, kinda like Power Rangers and Totally Spies.
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Heads up: Did u hear: the MLP episode “Fame and Misfortune” was originally gonna used for Season 5 but M.A. Larson(who wrote the ep) hated his idea but some other people used it during season 7(with changes)

Also, is episode 22 of mystic season 3 gonna be similar or different than the actual ep?
nigel5469 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah. I heard about it before from Youtubers or FIMfiction. And yeah, it's gonna be similar but with Dragon Strike Force added in because they have dark and tragic secrets will shock the world. And it's episode 14, not episode 22 - Once Upon A Zeppelin.
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