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Chase, the disguise form of Shadow Dragon narrowed his angered eyes at Princess Celestia, who was talking with Ben Mare, Twilight Sparkle and her friends

Dragon Hope or Shadow Dragon, who had black and green spiky hair (Vegeta's hair style) dressed in crimson zipper-shirt with black long pants and coat, held his military cap on his head gently. He took it off and threw it like a boomerang at the screen.

"We all know that Shadow Dragon from Equestria Prime is a nasty and powerful yet bad Dark Mystic Pony," Narrator narrated, "but this Equestis Girls Version of him, he's your man to do your agent and spy work! Want to know why?"

Shadow Dragon held his gun, and against on the wall, sneaking across the hallway of an abandoned. He quickly rolled to the other side (on his left side). He took a peek before headed out.

"He's stealthy!"

Shadow Dragon budged the door in. His enemies were the Dark Terrorists who wore the military uniforms with their masks, aimed their guns at him. He jumped over to his right and blasted his bullets at his enemies in quick and haste. They fell to the ground hard.

"He's fast!"

The giant mutated sumo monster charged in and punched his fists at Shadow Dragon. He quickly grabbed on his right and then left. He pushed his bare hands hard, pushing his enemies back. For the moment he dodged down before got punched by his sumo monster. Shadow Dragon swiped his legs on his enemy's leg, causing him to fell down on the ground.

"He's strong!"

Shadow Dragon dodged down. He then poked on his Dark Terrorist Soldier's shoulder. He turned to his left back, Shadow Dragon to his right. Shadow Dragon poked on his right. Dark Terrorist Soldier turned to his right back. Shadow Dragon punched on his enemy's face. Shadow Dragon grabbed him and thrown him to four Dark Terrorist Soldiers. He jumped and kicked on his enemy's faces on both sides.

"He's cunning, clever and tricky spy. And the best of him -"

Shadow Dragon was beaten down and injured, his face was brutally bruised and injured, struggled and painfully getting up from the ground. He stood up and armed himself, readied to fight and battle with his enemies, who armed themselves for battles.

He charged in and fought against his enemies. Shadow Dragon jumped and kicked on first three Dark Terrorist Soldiers before slamming his punch on fourth Dark Terrorist Soldier down. Shadow Dragon turned and found the fifth one swiping his leg on top. He dodged down and gave the uppercut on the fifth one's chin. He then kicked on both sides of his enemies. He continued punching and kicking against his enemies.

"His determination and obligation to his country and home."

In the darkness of meeting room, Azure Phoenix was talking with Dragon Hope or Shadow Dragon. He nodded his head in understanding. Shadow Dragon clenched his fist tightly. Azure Phoenix smiled and nodded his head.

"That's one of the reason why Azure Phoenix assigned him and his black ops squadron: Dragon Strike Force on the important mission. They had to find out about the 'accident' that Canterlot High had for some couple of months ago."

Shadow Dragon and his team: Blazefist the light crimson Chinese man with black spiky hair and dressed in gray coat, pants and crimson scarf, Tailtech the orange American boy with lightish orange hair wore the goggles, blue T-shirt with silver jacket and brown pants, Terrorcreep the pale Greek-Chinese man with black short gentle hair and drssed in white uniform, black pants and black coat, Saber Dragon the light yellow man with black spiky hair dressed in light green shirt and white pants and had black jacket, and Shorty Thinking the light red man dressed in scientist's suit, arrived at the Canterlot High, looking at the school. They were ready.

"And trust me, whatever the mission they had, Shadow Dragon and his friends will get the job done by means of necessary. They are fearless and tough soldiers."

Shadow Dragon talked and chatted with his wife: Iris Crystal in having picnic at the park. He, Lance and Sam were playing soccer. He and his twin daughter: Ashley in studying the subjects and homework.

At the tent, on the table, he and his friends were chatting and discussing of how they find and solve the mystery about the 'accident' or 'natural disaster' that Principal Celestia and the students of Canterlot High were hiding from.

He had the chats with his father: Tao the gray old man with white hair and dressed in white shirt, orange sleeveless jacket and blue jean about the work, and sometimes the advice about his mission and choice of duty.

"While he maybe the tough and strong soldier, he is a good, kind, brave and understanding father and son to his family and good friend to friends. He loved them very much, and especially his adopted father Tao, his wife Iris Crystal and children Lance Justicestrike, Sam Yin Long and Ashley Twilight."

Shadow Dragon both trained and discussed with Ben Mare about his personal problems and martial art training. He also trained and helped Twilight Sparkle for self-defense martial arts and helped her overcome the snakes, which were no longer her phobia when Dragoking the black Anaconda caught her in his wrapping and grasping tail and licked on her face. He watched and looked after Nyx when he, Sam and Ashley took her for the park. He played and trained them in martial arts and for fun.

Shadow Dragon had the chats with Mane Five and Cutie Mark Crusaders about themselves and the 'accident', hoping to find some clues and mysteries about it, as well as the doppelgangers of his half-brother-in-law, Twilight Sparkle, Nyx and their pets.

"Even Ben Mare may have been Iris's half-brother, he still consider him as brother, and even helped his girlfriend: Twilight Sparkle and her sister since Nyx was Sam's and Ashley's best friend. Because of his relationship with these three family members to Iris Crystal, Shadow Dragon was determined to find out the truth behind their doppelgangers and the 'accident'."

Shadow Dragon faced against the thousands of Dark Terrorists. His eyes glowed in blackness and along with the serpentine irises. He charged in and fought against his enemies by beating, punching and kicking at his enemies' face and bodies.

Pictures of his father, his family, Principal Celestia, Ben Mare, Twilight Sparkle and Nyx appeared in his head. Shadow Dragon groaned angrily, narrowing his angry eyes and fought against the enemies through his martial art skills and his sword.

"But nevertheless, he has dark secrets, something that he and Dark Terrorists are connected. Even so, Shadow Dragon wasn't about to give up without the fight because he had family and friends to see and protect from the evil organization and terrorist: Dark Terrorist."

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls logo appeared in front of the screen.

"Check out more of the latest updates about Mystic Ponies' Human Counterparts later for My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks!"
Shadow Dragon's Human Counterpart Profile.
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JusSonic Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
Again, nice work. But what accident are they talking about? What happened in the 'Equestria Girls Remake'???
nigel5469 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

The accident was referring to the battle and fight between Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle when she visited to human world, and not to mention, the videos about Twilight and her friends' wining the crown were posted on the websites. And that is where Azure Phoenix suspected that his homeworld was invaded and attacked by aliens. And of course, he doesn't want it happen again like Battle of Chicago from Transformers: Dark of the Moon (I really like it much and then connecting to Transformers: Age of Extinction).
JusSonic Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
Well, I just want to make sure what the accident was referring to. Just to make sure. Calm down.
Greenrob Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
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